Friday, December 5, 2008

Who Got What

In case you've been wondering, here is what's been going on with the swaps. I will be updating this post regulary, so check back!! Click on each person's name to see what they received:

1. Imogene

2. Glenda

3. Ashley

4. Donna

5. Ashleigh

6. Windsor

7. Nancy

8. Merritt

9. Hannah

10. Denise

11. Jan

12. Shelly

13. Inger

14. Elizabeth

15. Angela R.

16. Jennifer C.

17. Toni

18. Karen

19. Kristi

20. Andrea

21. Amy

22. Angela D.

23. Suzanne

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanks, Karen!

I'm writing this post on behalf of Jan (Jenius). She came home from her Florida trip after being gone a week. She was busy running errands, paying bills and packing for another trip to Delaware. She found a box on her doorstep and couldn't figure out what she had ordered from L.L. Bean and then opened it and saw that it was from her swap person, Karen! She was leaving the next morning for Delaware but used the bag for the trip and LOVED it! She said everything fit in it perfectly. The color is perfect for the season and the personalization is a nice touch! Thanks, Karen! Your gift was "JENIUS"!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thank You, Glenda!

The first BlogSwap gift has been received! Imogene asked me to post this for her:

"Thank Mrs. Parrish for my snowman. We are having two parties in the next week and I can not wait to use him! Thanks also for the encouraging letter, it meant alot!

Imogene Noe
I Noe Design