Friday, October 9, 2009

To Jane From Glenda

Since Jane doesn't have a blog, I'm doing this post for her. Glenda had her name for the Fall swap. These two ladies have known each other for years and years and their children grew up together, so it was neat that they were able to do this swap together. Glenda did a great job, once again, with her gifts for the swap:

F- Fragrance (sweet pumpkin handsoap)

A- Apron with Fall leaves on it

2 L's- Linens (matching kitchen towels to go with the apron)

Thank you, Glenda. She LOVED everything! I can just see Jane right now working on Thanksgiving dinner (making her mean sweet potato casserole and her pumpkin pie) next month in the kitchen, wearing that apron and putting those towels to use!!


HPS said...

Looookin good James!!! You're gonna be stylin' and profilin' on Turkey Day! Great job, Mom. All of those gifts were sooo Jane and she racked up! Ya'll are cutie and I'm glad you both did the swap!

Denise said...

I'm happy you two did the swap too. And neat that one of you got the other.

One thing is for sure you can never have enough kitchen hand towels! Very nice!

Glenda said...

Jane you look very sweet! Have fun in Montana. I love you.

Momofgirls said...

I Love the colors of your loot!! So festive and Fallish!

I am glad you swapped with us, Jane! Great Job, Glenda!

Happy Fall!!

Dolly said...

Jane, you look like you're in a magazine add with that beautiful fireplace in the back ground. You look perfect in that atmosphere! Love the new apron and towels. And my mouth is watering just thinking about that yummy sweet potato casserole that you make! That's my favorite! Good job Glenda!

Jennifer said...

Very nice, Glenda! Cute apron and linens.

Now Jane, why didn't you have your husband model the apron like I did with the apron you sent me?

jane said...

Thank you Donna for posting my picture with all my lovely goodies.....Glenda did such a good job and now she has to come up and visit and we will go to Peppers to eat some Sour Cream Apple Pie. She teased me in her note about Pepper's delicious pie.....because.....I made 8 or 9 pies for one of our early Samaritan's Purse board meetings about 30 years ago. We were having dinner at our home and when I cut the pies.....they ran all over the plate....I had been in such a hurry I had forgotten to cook them! They look cook by the way so I was totally stupid!!!!! We all died laughing.......and I get reminded about them right often!