Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Swap Suh-weeeeetness!!!!

The UPS truck rang our doorbell about 5:00 this evening and I giggled with glee. I knew my FALL swap gift from Jennifer Clardy was on the other side of that door and it was!!! I wanted to plow into it right then but we were getting ready to eat dinner so I figured I'd wait until I could sit down in peace and quiet, take my time and relish the whooole package.

Kitchen cleaned...check. Laundry put in dryer...check. AP in bed...check. The patient is resting...check. It's just me and my box. YIPPPPEEEE!!!!

Excited already! This was lying on top and the first thing I saw...the book about Goppy that Jenny's sister and BIL just published. She recently just posted a giveaway on her blog that I entered so looks like that leaves one extra spot for somebody else to get in it to win it!
Not only did we receive a copy of Goppy's inaugural issue, but it's even personally autographed for AP. How sweet is that!?!? Thank you, Jennifer (AND Smitty and Aunt Rea!!!!). Can't wait to read it.

This is what was awaiting in the rest of the box...4 individually wrapped sercies. How fun!

Sercy #1= Fall Accesories...2 pairs of earrings and a beautiful green pashmina wrap! Jennifer, you know me well! Those earrings are SOOOOO me and that wrap is sooo pretty. You must've known this prego needed a little something to spice up her mundane maternity wardrobe. I will get tons of use out of all three!
Sercy #2- NuteLLa!!! Suuuuhweeet! We just polished off our first jar so this is one timely treat. Good thing I'm stocked up on apples. My concoction might be calling my name as I type. :) All I can say is JFTB sho knows HPS !

Sercy #3- all 4 letters of FALL..a pretty red leaf dish with a matching spreader. Very cute. Love the red. Can't wait to show this baby off during fall time entertaining.

Sercy #4-For Miss AnnaPreston! Max was reading to AP when I got to this point. I was going to run this up to her so she could open it before bed and I could take a picture of her in full excitement. As I was going up the stairs, I saw the stick coming out of the package and thought "Hmmm...this might be candy. I better not taunt her right now." Me being the loyal blogger that I am, very carefully opened it JUST so you could see what it is and wrapped it right back up so she can open it tomorrow. What is it? A chocolate covered rice krispy treat on a stick and shaped like candy corn. Wowzers...AP is ONE lucky girl! That was so sweet of you to think of her with this yummy goodness AND Goppy!!!!

For those of you that don't know Jennifer, she just had twins (a boy and a girl)! Over the past couple days, she kept being silly and telling me she was 1 day late, 1 dollar short...then 2 days late and 2 dollars short in mailing my package. Jenny, you were absolutely zero days late and zero dollars short. I know what a task it is just to get to the Post Office much less put all of this together. Your effort means so much and I absolutely love everything you blessed me with. THANK YOU, sweet girl!!!! THANK YOU! You made me feel like a queen tonight. You're just a gem! XOXOXO.


Denise said...

Cool loot! Love the earings, and so neat that you got a copy of the repubbie book!

I smiled when I saw the Nutella. Good thing you just posted about it. That Mrs. Clardy really pays attention.

Thanks for letting me copy and paste your post. Have a good weekend.

Donna said...

Hannah, those earrings and pashmina are totally you! Way to go, Jenny! So that is what Goppy is all about. I've been seeing him on facebook and didn't realize that Andrea and her husband wrote that book! How cute! I'm curious now to see what it's about:)

That bowl and spreader is cute, too. Hannah, make some good dip for this weekend! Better yet, poor some nutella in that bowl and spread it on your apples:)

Jennifer said... got it! So glad you liked everything. (of course, would anyone really say if they didn't like one of their swap gifts?:) Listen, when I was prego it was all about accessories so I thought I would share my love of them with you.

You and your Nutella have a great weekend!

Momofgirls said...

Oh Hannah, you will be beautiful in all your fun accessories, and so great for a pregnant Mama to feel fancy!
We had Nutella pizza while we were in Italy...yum!!!

Great Job from one "twin mama" to another!!

Happy Four said...

Hannah, after how well you treated me I am so excited to see the great stuff you got from Jennifer. Love it all and how fun that you got an autographed copy of GOPPY and EVERYTHING in your package is fabulous!

Nikki said...

Good gifts. I love those earings! how neat that you got a signed copy of the Goppy book. I have my fingers crossed for winning the book on Jennifers blog.

The candy corn rice crispy treat is adorable.