Sunday, October 9, 2011

Swap from HPS to DRS

Sheww, now that I finished catching up with what everyone has received so far from their blog swap, I am finally blogging about my awesome (sorry Denise...I know only God is awesome) fall swap. I received it yesterday while I was in Charlotte for my nieces first birthday party. I was looking forward to being able to hug the neck of my gift giver but her kiddos were sick and someone had to be the mom. Shewee, a mothers work is never done. Anyway, her sweet sister dropped it off and I couldn't wait to dig in. Here is the cute package waiting for me.
If you know Hannah (otherwise known as HPS) you know she's not only hilarious in person but she's got serious writing skills. I read her card first and it put a big old smile on my face. I love that girl. Here's what I got...
F - Froo froo wreath to decorate a window or door with a lil splash of fall color. LOVE IT HPS and I have perfect place I'm going to put it. VERY creative and I love the ribbon colors. I'm thinking you saw this on Pinterest? I wanted to try this too.
A - Accessory for your mornin' cup of joe. HPS, I loved what it had to say and couldn't agree more. You're one of those "stars." Living with my sister, I've just been using all her dishes, etc but now I've got my own cup! (No touchy Dawnie)
L - Lil homemade taste of fall. Carmel Corn is one of my FAV snacks and since it takes forever to make, I NEVER make it but love it. You know me well HPS and there is only just a little bit left. DELISH I tell ya! DELISH!
L - Lotta cookie mix love for one of my fav cookie monsters in the whole wide world! This girl knows me well! I laughed hard at this. She's not lying. I LOVE cookies!!! PB and chocolate chip are my 2 favs too! I will put this to great use HPS!

Thank you so much for your love and thoughtfulness behind each item. You're a treasured friend my dear and I love you to pieces! Happy Fall!


HPS said...

awwwww. I'm soooo sad I didn't get to see you but I'm glad you got your goodies. It was a treat to get to think of YOU. BTW, lovin the haircut. You look fab as always! Oh...and turn the wreath the other way when you hang it...unless you like the backside. :) Let me know where you end up putting it! A\lso, you're good...Pinterest is right and I'm just glad I finally really did something I pinned. :)

Donna said...

HPS, your gift and note made all of us laugh! Again, your writing skills are hilarious!

You were highly missed at the party. Hope those babies are feeling better. Oh, and the dr. told me the other day that croup is going around:(

Momofgirls said...

Hannah, you are PRICELESS! Not only are you PHYSICALLY beautiful,but inside you are too!! I hope I get to meet you in REAL LIFE one day! You always think of (and say) the most thoughtful and H-I-Larious things! Great job on the Fall swap...and that wreath?! I am ALL OVER IT!

Dolly, you are so adorable!(as are all those Reber girls!) I still cannot believe that tiny little body has had 2 babies!

Happy Fall, Y'all!