Friday, October 7, 2011

Inger's Fall Swap Goodies From Angela!

 Yesterday was my daughter, Lindsay's birthday, so I assumed this package was for her....BUT, it was MY Fall Swap package from the beautiful Angela!  Just LOOK at her lovely penmanship!  (do I sound like a teacher?)
 Upon opening the box, I was treated to this beautifully-Fall vision.  There is just something about packaging that I appreciate.  I LOVE the Fall colors of the bows against the backdrop of the simple brown paper.  And, again, that perfect penmanship...
 Angela wrote me the sweetest note (in that nice penmanship of hers) and even personalized the outside of the little card!
F- "Frugal"-a coupon organizer (and one for a friend!) I actually read Angela's blog regularly and would just LOVE to go to one of her Clipsy Chick seminars..but, I live too far away!  *Grrrr*
F- (yes, I got a bonus "F") Funky- the cutest FALL colored cuff bracelet!
 A- Aviators...which my Anna quickly snagged and wore to school today!
 L - Leaves....darling kitchen towel with a cute leaf on it!
L - Light...a toasted hazelnut candle! Yumm! Angela wrote this precious quote on the package of the candle.."Women love company, even if it is only that of a small burning candle." - Georg Christoph Liddenburg
L - Lunch...what a cute lunch tote!  I am ALL ABOUT things that are black and white, so this little cutie is right up my alley! 
 As you can see, Angela went above and beyond for me!
Thank you so very much, beautiful Angela!  I love each and every thing you included and the way you beautifully packaged it all for me!! I admire you as a wonderful mother and especially the godly "ministry wife" you are.  Beautiful from the inside, out!

 I am so thankful for this little "sisterhood" of christian blog friends.  I feel like as women, we do NEED each other, even from miles away, reading each other's blogs is a source of great encouragement!  Thank you Denise, for organizing the swap again.

"Your love has given me great JOY and ENCOURAGEMENT."
Philemon 1:7


Denise said...

Great stuff! I love that lunch tote! It makes me want to have somewhere to go each day where I have to bring a lunch! Your Anna sounds like my Maddie--she loves sunglasses!

And Angela--LOVE your wrapping. I just wrapped up my gift for HPS and I am afraid it is not a festive looking as yours. Bummer--sorry HPS!

LauraB172 said...

Angela, you have superb taste, my dear! Inger, I felt a pang of slight sadness viewing pics of your lovely home--really made me miss Redding and being in familiar welcoming homes. Sending you sincere thanks for being such a beautiful light in Redding, and for casting your glow clear to Texas through FB and blogs. I miss you. Hugs!

LauraB172 said...

p.s. Please tell Anna that I think she is I can't believe our little pre-K gals have become young ladies so quickly. (And I'm still happy for her FINALLY getting her recognition at school for being the precious girl she has always been)

Donna said...

Great job, Angela! She does have nice handwriting!

Dolly said...

Clap, clap, clap! That Angela is a keeper! I have always loved her handwriting and her packaging. Great and creative gifts Angela. You can tell she put a lot of time and effort into this. Hope you enjoy it all Inger!