Saturday, January 29, 2011

To Maddie, From Glenda

Today when I got home from Kroger, there was a big old package in our mail box for Maddie! She was so excited when I brought it in the house.
There were 3 gifts in the package. On each gift were sweet little notes. On this gift it said, "Beautiful are the feet that bring good news!" (very nice, very true!)
Gift #1...

... a nice cozy pair of slippers!
Maddie put them right on!

Gift #2......a comfy hoodie! I think she likes it!

Gift #3...
Align Center...warm PJ pants to complete the outfit!

Perfect'O gift Glenda for my perfect sweet Maddie girl! SHE LOVES IT! I think she sent you a thank you via FB.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Glenda, From Donna

The first swap gift has been given! Glenda received her yesterday from Donna. Glenda's blog is not working so she posted her pictures to FB. These pictures/comments are from FB.

To Glenda, From Donna!

Ok I can't get my blog to work so I can put a picture on it and I am so excited that I got my blog swap gift from Donna Graham and I am so excited that I will share with Facebook world. First of all everything was so uniquely wrapped. There were three gifts with numbers 1,2 and three. This is box number one!

Box number one had a crochet scarf

and Starbucks gift card for me and Roo!

The creativity blesses me.

Box number two had a gift card to dinner with

my honey and a beautiful black bead necklace.

Beautiful Box 3

Box number three had Donna Stewart
chocolate cake in shape of a heart.
My heart is warmed. Thank you Donna.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Drum Roll Please!!!!

Okay the names have drawn, nicely I might add! I am excited about this swap!

*Remember you buy a gift for the girl BELOW your name. The LAST name buys for the FIRST name.

*Addresses: I thought I had everyone's address on my computer, but alas I don't. If Toni, Angela, Catherine, Caroline, and Rose could email me your home address that would be great!
*Once I get all the addresses I will send you your girls home address and email.

*No money limit--but be reasonable!

*Please send it out ASAP !

So without further ado, I give you the names!

1. JesseRuth
2. Angela
3. Nikki
4. Catherine
5. Rose
6. Denise
7. Toni
8. Hannah
9. Inger
10. Donna
11. Glenda
12. Maddie
13. Caroline
14. Jennifer
15. Alex
16. Dolly

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Valentine Swap

Okay girls! It's long overdue! Back by popular demand, it's time for a Valentine Swap!!!!!!

If you want to be a part of this swap, please leave your name in the comment section below. If you're new to our swap leave me an email address along with your name, so that I will be able to get in contact with you to get your home address.

Under normal circumstances, according to the rules (see sidebar), you need to be a regular commenter or a blogger. BUT, since most of us are lacking in our blogging we will open this up to anyone who AT LEAST KNOWS SOMEONE IN OUR BLOG CIRCLE.
I am not putting a dollar limit on this. Be reasonable! Be creative! (You don't have to be crafty!! I'm not crafty.)

Extra Info:
*Names will be drawn and posted for "who gives to who" at noon on January 24.

*You will be emailed the address of the person you are giving to.
*PLEASE send out your gift ASAP, or at least by JANUARY 29 so your person can enjoy their gift during the Valentine season.

*Once you receive your gift in the mail, you MUST post pictures of your gift on this blog OR your blog. (You will be given posting ability to this blog if you desire.) Reason why??? We all want to see what each other gets! If you need help with this, just let me know.

*If you are new to this swap and have any questions, just email me. You may be a bit confused, but trust me, this is FUN!

Okay girls spread the word, and start signing up!

Happy Heart's Day!