Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Swap Suh-weeeeetness!!!!

The UPS truck rang our doorbell about 5:00 this evening and I giggled with glee. I knew my FALL swap gift from Jennifer Clardy was on the other side of that door and it was!!! I wanted to plow into it right then but we were getting ready to eat dinner so I figured I'd wait until I could sit down in peace and quiet, take my time and relish the whooole package.

Kitchen cleaned...check. Laundry put in dryer...check. AP in bed...check. The patient is resting...check. It's just me and my box. YIPPPPEEEE!!!!

Excited already! This was lying on top and the first thing I saw...the book about Goppy that Jenny's sister and BIL just published. She recently just posted a giveaway on her blog that I entered so looks like that leaves one extra spot for somebody else to get in it to win it!
Not only did we receive a copy of Goppy's inaugural issue, but it's even personally autographed for AP. How sweet is that!?!? Thank you, Jennifer (AND Smitty and Aunt Rea!!!!). Can't wait to read it.

This is what was awaiting in the rest of the box...4 individually wrapped sercies. How fun!

Sercy #1= Fall Accesories...2 pairs of earrings and a beautiful green pashmina wrap! Jennifer, you know me well! Those earrings are SOOOOO me and that wrap is sooo pretty. You must've known this prego needed a little something to spice up her mundane maternity wardrobe. I will get tons of use out of all three!
Sercy #2- NuteLLa!!! Suuuuhweeet! We just polished off our first jar so this is one timely treat. Good thing I'm stocked up on apples. My concoction might be calling my name as I type. :) All I can say is JFTB sho knows HPS !

Sercy #3- all 4 letters of FALL..a pretty red leaf dish with a matching spreader. Very cute. Love the red. Can't wait to show this baby off during fall time entertaining.

Sercy #4-For Miss AnnaPreston! Max was reading to AP when I got to this point. I was going to run this up to her so she could open it before bed and I could take a picture of her in full excitement. As I was going up the stairs, I saw the stick coming out of the package and thought "Hmmm...this might be candy. I better not taunt her right now." Me being the loyal blogger that I am, very carefully opened it JUST so you could see what it is and wrapped it right back up so she can open it tomorrow. What is it? A chocolate covered rice krispy treat on a stick and shaped like candy corn. Wowzers...AP is ONE lucky girl! That was so sweet of you to think of her with this yummy goodness AND Goppy!!!!

For those of you that don't know Jennifer, she just had twins (a boy and a girl)! Over the past couple days, she kept being silly and telling me she was 1 day late, 1 dollar short...then 2 days late and 2 dollars short in mailing my package. Jenny, you were absolutely zero days late and zero dollars short. I know what a task it is just to get to the Post Office much less put all of this together. Your effort means so much and I absolutely love everything you blessed me with. THANK YOU, sweet girl!!!! THANK YOU! You made me feel like a queen tonight. You're just a gem! XOXOXO.

To Jane From Glenda

Since Jane doesn't have a blog, I'm doing this post for her. Glenda had her name for the Fall swap. These two ladies have known each other for years and years and their children grew up together, so it was neat that they were able to do this swap together. Glenda did a great job, once again, with her gifts for the swap:

F- Fragrance (sweet pumpkin handsoap)

A- Apron with Fall leaves on it

2 L's- Linens (matching kitchen towels to go with the apron)

Thank you, Glenda. She LOVED everything! I can just see Jane right now working on Thanksgiving dinner (making her mean sweet potato casserole and her pumpkin pie) next month in the kitchen, wearing that apron and putting those towels to use!!

Thank You Jane Graham!

Lucky me!!! Today I received my blog swap gift in the mail and it made my day!!! My sisters incredible mother-in-law, Mrs. Jane Graham had my name and boy did I luck out! I know Donna said that you better be praying for Nikki to get your name but I think Jane's the one you need to be praying for! For starters, she went all out on packaging my gift. It was packaged so beautifully. She wrapped up each thing individually and it was so fun to unwrap.
Take a look at how she individually labled the letters to coordinate with each gift.
Here is what she got me....
F - For Furry Slippers
She got me some real Ugg slippers that feel SO GOOD on your feet. Pardon my "dogs". I just got back from a walk and it felt so good to slip these on! LOVE THEM Jane! And I'll be getting lots of use out of these this fall/winter.
A - For Acorns
These adorable glass acorns are JUST the thing I needed for these leaf bowls I received last year. I love them! The options to use and decorate with these are endless!
L - Leafy placemats
L - Leafy napkins
And these are just the cutest placemats and napkins. She sent me four of each. I was just thinking this morning that I needed to get some leaf placemats after seeing some of the others swap receivers posts. These go perfect in my house with everything else. And the napkins wrap up the complete look. Can't wait to have family over for soup this fall and use my new table decor!
Seriously Jane, you went ALL OUT and made this girl smile BIG today! Thank you for getting this all together with your busy schedule. It's so fun having you part of our blogs! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

To Jeni, From Caroline

(Jeni doesn't have a blog, but she was sweet enough to take some great pictures of her gifts and email them to me. Thanks Jeni! )

I got my goodies as soon as I got home and I'm sending the pictures. I wish you could smell the wonderful aroma from the hazelnut coffee! Caroline rocks! She sent something for everyone in the family, except the dog!!!! I LOVE the pumpkin and have always wanted something like that for myself. And who could pass up anything in the color purple? So thoughtful!!!! Here's what the note said about each item:
F is for a festive pumpkin to decorate your home.

A is for the aroma of coffee to brew on a chilly morn.

L is for something to help your lips stay
soft and moist (and your girls too)

L is for little fingertip towels in your favorite color purple.

(Sorry, I had a little trouble posting this picture.)

Thank you Caroline!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank You Nikki!

This was posted on Donna's blog. I coppied and pasted it here for those of you who cannot get into her blog.

Okay, I can't stop smiling! Girls who take part in the blog swaps, you should just pray that Nikki gets your name from now on. When I saw that she had my name, I was so excited! Once again, Miss Crafty came through for her person. When I saw that box on my porch this afternoon, I couldn't get it opened fast enough. I had to tell myself to slow down so I didn't slice anything with the knife and I think I actually said, "oh, we go" when I started opening the packages!! So, for those that don't know, I took part in the Fall Swap that is currently going on. You had to send one item for every letter of F-A-L-L. Here is what Nikki sent me (and let me just say A++ on the packaging of each item. I tell you what, start praying, girls):

F- Fall Banner:

I wanted one of these and I was seriously going to order one from Nikki's etsy store. Click here is you want to order one. She does all kinds of different sayings for any occasion. I love the colors, Nikki, and they go with my living room perfectly!

A- Adornment

Again, I love these necklaces! I have given them as gifts but never bought myself one. She put a C on one of the charms and an R on the other. Love it! (these are available through her online store, too. They make great Christmas gifts!).

L- Latte

Thanks for contributing to my addiction. A Starbucks gift card with a free sample of their new coffee and coupons for Starbucks! You know how I love a coupon!!

L- Little Birdie Desk Calendar

How cute is this?! She sells these in her etsy store, too. I love it and I am always looking for a calendar. This will look perfect on my desk next to my computer.

And if that wasn't enough, Mrs. Hogsed sent nicely packaged prizes for Caroline and Roy Austin! When they get up from their naps, they will be so excited to see these:

RoyBoy has become quite the expert with stabbing his food with forks lately, so he will be good to go. And Caroline LOVES decorative flatware and candy corn. So does Mommy!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Nikki!!!

You have seriously made my day!

Oh, and just to plug Nikki's stuff some more, click here to visit her website (not the etsy site) and click here to see her personal blog. She just did a REALLY cute family rules craft recently.

**** UPDATE****

When the kids woke up, I showed them their prizes and they were so happy. Of course, they wanted the candy right away:)

Fall Swap: To Dawn from Toni

Okay girlies, the second Fall Swap gift has arrived. Below is the gift that Toni gave to Dawn. I am SO excited my bloggless sister got in on the fun this year. Dawn (aka. Top-dawg), it was good to have you sweetie!

And, it needs to be noted that Toni and Dawn went to school together, years ago, at good ole LCA!!! I think they cheered together too. Way to have a blog swap to rekindle old friendships!


Enjoy the newest scent from
Bath & Body Works, Twilight Woods!

A- Aroma
Let the aroma of mulling
spices fill your home this fall.


The softest slipper socks...ever!

L- Leaves

Perfect for the kitchen and perfect to
keep bacteria away. You will love
the spicy scent that "leaves"
your hands clean and soft.

Thanks Toni! I love it!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Harvet Time!

Drum roll please! It's harvest time--get it??? The swap gifts are starting to come in. Click on the names on the side bar to your right, to see who got what.

**Also, because of the fact that lots of you swappers have private blogs, please feel free to post your gift on this blog so everyone can see it. If you want to do that, just let me know by leaving a note to me in the comment section. I will add your name to this blog as an author so you can have access to posting here, just as you would post on your own blog.