Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Glenda, From Donna

The first swap gift has been given! Glenda received her yesterday from Donna. Glenda's blog is not working so she posted her pictures to FB. These pictures/comments are from FB.

To Glenda, From Donna!

Ok I can't get my blog to work so I can put a picture on it and I am so excited that I got my blog swap gift from Donna Graham and I am so excited that I will share with Facebook world. First of all everything was so uniquely wrapped. There were three gifts with numbers 1,2 and three. This is box number one!

Box number one had a crochet scarf

and Starbucks gift card for me and Roo!

The creativity blesses me.

Box number two had a gift card to dinner with

my honey and a beautiful black bead necklace.

Beautiful Box 3

Box number three had Donna Stewart
chocolate cake in shape of a heart.
My heart is warmed. Thank you Donna.


Denise said...

These are comments left of FB from peeps in the Valentine Swap.

Hannah Parrish Scholle Prettttty!!!!

Angela Richardson Wow that was fast! the wrapping paper is so cute. I can't wait to see what's inside!

Dolly Seckman This is a cute picture! Love the scarf and Starbucks is great idea.

Hannah Parrish Scholle Suhweeeeeet! This pic makes me smile!

Donna Reber Graham This is hilarious, Glenda! Love the montage and this pic especially!!

Danny Denise Logan Love the scarf and of course the gift card too

Dolly Seckman Wow! Donna went ALL OUT! Very nice and adorable picture of cute couple

Hannah Parrish Scholle Whoa! All out is right. I wanna see that necklace! Also-that wasn't just any gift card, I hear it was McCormick & schmicks! Laughing that boogie got all into the swap. :)

Donna Reber Graham LOVE this picture:)

Danny Denise Logan Wow, even P diddy got in on this swap! Way to go Donna!

Dolly Seckman Wow, wow, wow is all I can say! Donna went all out and I'm glad she had you Glenda. You deserve it and I'm glad it warmed your heart. That cake looks DELISH! Good job Donna!

Hannah Parrish Scholle Yummmmy! Donna treated you like a queen! Bless her sweet heart! Great job, Donnie! I wouldn't expect anything less from you. Thanks for blessing my mommy. You are gold! Btw, love this pic, mom!

Jane Austin Graham Did I miss out on the Valentine Swap......geez!

Donna Reber Graham Okay, first I lvoe that P-Diddy is in his jammies:) That cake is very rich. I love to make it around V-Day. It's called Heavenly Devils Food Cake and it is...heavenly! Enjoy! Wish I could have a piece but I'll get plenty of Roy's Bday cake today!!

Danny Denise Logan YUMMY! Donna, CLAP CLAP CLAP--way to think outside the swap box!

Catherine Coltrin The bar is set SO ridiculously high now Donna. Gracious! :)

Rose said...

Okay...I am just hoping that she lives near by. You seriously didn't mail a cake..Right???

I know fed ex is good but....WOW!

Just kidding folks, Just kidding.

You didn't mail it right?

HPS said...

I was gonna add that Glenda was sportin her black necklace today and she is looking HOT !!!!! Also, Mom, I wanna know what the 1,2,3 cards said!!!!

Caroline said...

Donna, great gifts and the photographs are fabulous! Glenda, you are one fortunate and loved lady. Donna, you are lickity split and on the ball. You put me to shame lady with your promptness.

Denise said...

Rose, sometimes we just assume we all know about each other, but here's a little 411 on the blog peeps:

Donna, HPS, Glenda, JesseRuth and Caroline all live in the same city.

Glenda is HPS and JesseRuth's mom.

Me, Dolly, and Donna are sisters. Jenius (who I horribly accidentally left out of this swap) is our mother and her real name is Jan (there is a story behind the Jenius nickname).

Maddie-my sweet daughter

Toni and Alex-another mother daughter, and Toni went to school with us.

Angela-another friend who went to school with us

Nikki-another friend who went to school with us

Catherine-HPS's friend

Inger-we met her via the blog world

Jennifer-we met her via another blogger/friend and we feel like we have all always been her friend.

You--we met via Jennifer-- in a blog swap I think?

I love how our blog tree grows in all sort of different ways! I love when it sprouts new leaves!

Denise said...

Oh, and Caroline went to school with us too!

Angela Richardson said...

Donna, love, you have set the bar HIGH! Nicely done!

Denise, good wrap up of all the bloggers, however, is that all I was to you guys...just "another friend from school"? What about the Bill Rice Ranch memories? What about our moms shopping at Burlington Coat factory together? hee hee :)

Nikki said...

Wowza Donna! You went all out on this one. I agree with everyone else that you set the bar pretty high. I need to go evaluate poor Catherines gift now...luckily I had not mailed it out yet. :)

I need the details on that cake and I love the 3 gifts individually wrapped. Great presentation.

Denise said...

:) Angela, Girl I could gone into MUCH detail about most of you as I am sure you all could have me!!!! I just I'd spare Rose and the other readers a lengthy comment.

Bill Rice Ranch--I forgot about that one! Oh the memories. Actually it is funny, my Danny actually went to BBR when he was younger too. Just to think we could have been there at the same time and never knew it!

Glenda said...

Ok Maddie's and Angela's sercy are on the way!!!!!
Love y'all and the chocolate cake is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Momofgirls said...

Good Job, Donna! I love it all! The scarf is wonderfully LONG, it looks like...sometimes scarves are too short to tie in a cute way!

I cherish my "blog friends" and I am so thrilled to be a part of this crowd!

Donna said...

What's up with Blogger lateley? I'm having a hard time posting comments! Anyway, you girls are killing me with your comments!

I had to be johnny on the spot with my gift b/c we are going out of town this weekend and I didn't want to put it off until Monday:)

The cake is a recipe from the Junior League of Washington DC. I like to make it at Valentine's Day b/c it is rich and B-A-D! Enjoy, Glenda! You were fun to put a swap gift together for!!

Toni R. said...

Wow!!! That was SUPER fast! I am sending mine out tomorrow!!! What great gift ideas!! I love the wrapping paper!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh my word, ANOTHER amazing gift/gifts! Donna, you totally outdid yourself on this one. Seriously, you take the cake (get it?)! Speaking of, it looks delish! What I wouldn't give for a piece of that right about now.

Denise, totally laughing at your commentary on how we all know each other. Actually, I've been so out of the blog world that I needed those reminders. HA! And you guys went to the Bill Rice Ranch? So funny! I never went but all my sisters did and I remember wanting to go so badly.

Kristi Smalley said...

Donna, WOW! You outdid yourself this time!!! Great gifts. Glenda, you are a lucky gal and I hope you all enjoyed your treats.