Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank You Nikki!

This was posted on Donna's blog. I coppied and pasted it here for those of you who cannot get into her blog.

Okay, I can't stop smiling! Girls who take part in the blog swaps, you should just pray that Nikki gets your name from now on. When I saw that she had my name, I was so excited! Once again, Miss Crafty came through for her person. When I saw that box on my porch this afternoon, I couldn't get it opened fast enough. I had to tell myself to slow down so I didn't slice anything with the knife and I think I actually said, "oh, yeah...here we go" when I started opening the packages!! So, for those that don't know, I took part in the Fall Swap that is currently going on. You had to send one item for every letter of F-A-L-L. Here is what Nikki sent me (and let me just say A++ on the packaging of each item. I tell you what, start praying, girls):

F- Fall Banner:

I wanted one of these and I was seriously going to order one from Nikki's etsy store. Click here is you want to order one. She does all kinds of different sayings for any occasion. I love the colors, Nikki, and they go with my living room perfectly!

A- Adornment

Again, I love these necklaces! I have given them as gifts but never bought myself one. She put a C on one of the charms and an R on the other. Love it! (these are available through her online store, too. They make great Christmas gifts!).

L- Latte

Thanks for contributing to my addiction. A Starbucks gift card with a free sample of their new coffee and coupons for Starbucks! You know how I love a coupon!!

L- Little Birdie Desk Calendar

How cute is this?! She sells these in her etsy store, too. I love it and I am always looking for a calendar. This will look perfect on my desk next to my computer.

And if that wasn't enough, Mrs. Hogsed sent nicely packaged prizes for Caroline and Roy Austin! When they get up from their naps, they will be so excited to see these:

RoyBoy has become quite the expert with stabbing his food with forks lately, so he will be good to go. And Caroline LOVES decorative flatware and candy corn. So does Mommy!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Nikki!!!

You have seriously made my day!

Oh, and just to plug Nikki's stuff some more, click here to visit her website (not the etsy site) and click here to see her personal blog. She just did a REALLY cute family rules craft recently.

**** UPDATE****

When the kids woke up, I showed them their prizes and they were so happy. Of course, they wanted the candy right away:)

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Donna said...

Sweetie, thanks for copying and pasting but I think everyone in the swap is invited to Graham Central Station.