Friday, October 9, 2009

Thank You Jane Graham!

Lucky me!!! Today I received my blog swap gift in the mail and it made my day!!! My sisters incredible mother-in-law, Mrs. Jane Graham had my name and boy did I luck out! I know Donna said that you better be praying for Nikki to get your name but I think Jane's the one you need to be praying for! For starters, she went all out on packaging my gift. It was packaged so beautifully. She wrapped up each thing individually and it was so fun to unwrap.
Take a look at how she individually labled the letters to coordinate with each gift.
Here is what she got me....
F - For Furry Slippers
She got me some real Ugg slippers that feel SO GOOD on your feet. Pardon my "dogs". I just got back from a walk and it felt so good to slip these on! LOVE THEM Jane! And I'll be getting lots of use out of these this fall/winter.
A - For Acorns
These adorable glass acorns are JUST the thing I needed for these leaf bowls I received last year. I love them! The options to use and decorate with these are endless!
L - Leafy placemats
L - Leafy napkins
And these are just the cutest placemats and napkins. She sent me four of each. I was just thinking this morning that I needed to get some leaf placemats after seeing some of the others swap receivers posts. These go perfect in my house with everything else. And the napkins wrap up the complete look. Can't wait to have family over for soup this fall and use my new table decor!
Seriously Jane, you went ALL OUT and made this girl smile BIG today! Thank you for getting this all together with your busy schedule. It's so fun having you part of our blogs! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


HPS said...

Whoa, James. You did Dolly up right! Dolly, you and TD need to head straight to John Robert Powers Modeling Agency to sign up for some dawg modelin'! Love all your stuff. Wish I could come on over for a cup o soup for lunch. Maybe one day. :)

Momofgirls said...

Love all of it! Great job, Jane! I Love the color of the placemats!

Great Job, Jane!!

Happy Fall, Dolly!

Happy Four said...

What lovely items. Everything is lovely and those slippers look ultra cozy.

Great job!

Nikki said...

My feet want those slippers! WHAT A NICE GIFT! Uggs, wowsa!

The glass acorns are so beautiful...very classy.

Good gifts Jane! i am laughing that you called your feet "dogs".