Saturday, October 8, 2011

To Toni, From Caroline!

First and foremost, I must apologize for not getting this on here sooner! I actually received my package from Caroline on Wenesday, Oct. 5th! This chick was FAST! I am in the process of transitioning jobs and I have been working "double shifts" lately, so I have literally had no time! Since I work with children, leaving my job is super emotional for me because I have seen these little babies grow up and now I am leaving them! I literally cried when I opened this swap.
This box really couldn't have come at a more perfect time :-)
Anyways, on to the REALLY GOOD STUFF!!!

My box was adorned with all kinds of cute fall-inspired stickers! Let me tell you, Caroline put a LOT of time and effort into my swap gift and it did not go unappreciated. From the stickers on the outside, to the individually wrapped items on the inside with the fall leaves and ribbon! I feel unworthy of such a great swap gift!
Here is what I saw when I opened the box (CHECK OUT THE DETAIL!):

F- F is for festive throw to keep you warm and cozy on the cool nights to come. (Already put to use girlfriend!) It is perhaps the fuzziest, softest blanket in my house! We ALL love it!!! It matches all of my living room decor perfectly as well!!!

A- A is for the Aroma in soap and candles:
I love me some Bath and Body Works! In case you can't see it, that is a fall scented candle, Brown Fig and Sugar body wash and Pumpkin hand soap! LOVE IT!

L- L is for Layering. A new fun fall scarf to liven up your fall wardrobe and also letters to pen on your paper. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it is so beautiful! I actually wore it last night to an outdoor movie with the family! I am also in desperate need of paper for telephone messages and notes to parents and teachers, so the notepads are very cute and just what I needed.

L- L is for Leaves to view on your table with a new table runner. (I seriously feel like I'm on the Price is Right--what's behind curtain #3---IT'S A BRAND NEW TABLE RUNNER!) I can't tell you how lucky I am right now to have received all of this! Donna had me for a Fall swap (last year or the year before?) and this runner goes PERFECTLY with the fall place mats she gave me! Did you plan that or was that just sheer luck? Either way, THANK YOU!!!!!

And last but not least, Ms. Caroline included 2 fall treats for my 2 little pumpkins! How thoughtful!!! They LOVED them! Needless to say, we went outside right afterwards so they could run off that sugar!!!



Denise said...

Aw Toni your post is so sweet. I was laughing at the Price is Right thing. You are so funny.

Caroline cute gifts. I love that throw! So creative. And Toni, your baby boy is growing up way to fast. Time for another????

Hope your job change continues to go well. Change is hard--I don't like it, but it usually always turns out to be okay in the long run. I am so happy your swap gift came at just the right time.

Donna said...

Good job, Caroline! Love that scarf!

Toni, i thought the same thing....Aron had grown so quickly...time for another little baby???

Dolly said...

You racked up Toni! Good for you! Great gift Caroline and it's neat how it came JUST when you needed it. You make me laugh too, Toni! Always have and I love how you write. I cannot believe how much Alex looks JUST LIKE YOU when you were that age. I felt like I was looking at a pic of you. And Aron!!!! What a cutie. Love all his hair and he's so big now. :( Hope you have a great week and I'm so glad you join us for the fall swap. It's so fun!