Monday, October 3, 2011

From Jenius to Caroline

Inside my box with a photograph of the
beautiful enclosed card.
Today was Monday and my third grader always seems to have a great deal of homework on Monday nights (he is in third grade).  This evening the homework took 3 1/2 hours.  Just a few minutes ago we heard a plop at the door and low and behold a box was awaiting me on the other side. 

Jenius, you were so speedy on the shopping and posting of your package.  I can't believe it arrived today.  It really was by divine appointment as it couldn't have come at a better time.

My  bounty all lined up and ready to open in order of
the letters Jenius so lovingly purchased and planned.
I LOVE my Fall Swap.  Jenius, you are such a good gift giver.  I adore everything and it suits me perfectly.

Freshen the air
F is for Freshen the air and is Autumn Room Spray.

Isn't this stunning with the hand stitched work?  I know just
where to put it.
A is for Adorn the wall and a beautiful stitched frame that says Give us this day our daily bread.

Book and hand crafted leaves
L is for Leaf some time to read to the boys and contained two items.  The Oak Inside the Acorn by Max Lucado.  I am so excited to read this as a family. The illustrations are stunning!  The second item is three beautiful handcrafted leaves from the Philippines.

L is for Lather your hands and is the same scent at the room spray, but in a lovely foam hand soap.

Lovely Autumn hand soap!
Thank you so much for the lovely gifts.  Each item is something I would have selected myself.  Jenius, I will think of you each time I use and/or view one of these lovely items.  Thank you so much for blessing me this special season.

Love, Caroline


Momofgirls said...

I love the gifts, I love the colors and I LOVE the creativity! Good job, Mrs. Reber!! Glad you had a little surprise after all that homework too, Caroline! Eeeek! Fall Swap is here, Fall swap is here, Fall Swap is here!!

Denise said...

Way to go mom! If Ionly saw your pictures and didn't know who the gift was from, I would have TOTALLY picked my sweet mother, sweet Jenius!

I know you will enjoy that book Caroline! And I love the picture!

Donna said...

Woohoo!! Way to go, mom!! I love all the gifts!!!

LauraB172 said...

I loved every single item, great job, Jenius!

Dolly said...

Seriously mom! You were really creative with this one and did a great job! You got it out QUICK too! Good job! Love it all.