Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy V Day to Jenius!

Mom was in the Queen City for the night, so today Hannah personally delivered her swap gift to her! The note was really cute that Hannah wrote and the wrapping was very pretty:

Caroline is sick today, but not too sick to help Grammy open her gift. What did she get?

Some milk chocolate covered fortune cookies! YUM!

And some cute V-Day kitchen towels....

And some ADORABLE V-Day place mats with cupcakes all over!!
Thank you, Hannah! That was a very cute gift that will be put to good use this Valentine's Season!

Thanks, Ashleigh!

While I was in Boone, I was able to take pictures of Jane's swap gift from Ashleigh! Here is what she received:
A soft pink, heart throw, some yummy Ghiradelli dark chocolates and a nice candle. I'm seeing a cold day in the works: Watching a movie while snuggling under the blanket and eating chocolates with the candle lit:)
Thanks, Ashleigh! Jane loved it!

Friday, January 30, 2009

It's in the Mail!

Okay swapies! The emails with names and addresses have been sent out. If you didn't get an email from me or Donna PLEASE let us know. I think a few emails were sent to SPAM boxes.

Anyway, a few of the gifts are already in the mail. So check back here every so often to see what everyone received.

Have a good weekend! Stay warm everyone. Stay cozy!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Results!!

Okay, I just drew the names. We have some new people playing this time! Here is who everyone has. We will be emailing the mailing info to everyone within the next day. If I don't have your email or address, please send it to:

Okay, drumroll......

1. Amy
2. Tonya
3. Dolly
4. Julie
5. Jessica
6. Angela R.
7. JesseRuth
10. Maddie
11. Ashleigh
12. Jane
13. Jennifer
14. Caroline
15. Toni
16. Merritt
17. Glenda
18. Angela D.
19. Hannah
20. Jan
21. Rose
22. Donna
23. Noel
24. Denise

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time For Another Swap, Valentine Style!

Okay, girls. Back by popular demand, it's Swap Time!! This round it will be a Valentine Swap and it will only be $15 (including shipping). Here are the rules:

1. Gift can be anything as long as it's Pink or Red. Be Creative!

2. Please send your gift out ASAP so your person can enjoy it before Valentine's Day. I will draw names on Monday, January 26th. Please try to have your gift sent by the following Monday, February 2rd. Please get your gift out on time. It's not fair to your person to be late in sending it out. If you know you can't commit to the rules, please don't play.

3. You can play as long as you are a known commenter or someone who is known, knows you. Make sense?

4. RSVP by responding in the comment section of this post.