Friday, October 7, 2011

To Windsor From Inger

I was so excited when I found out Inger got my name! She is so creative and talented that I always love what she decides to give as a swap...She did not disappoint!

This beautiful presentation was waiting for me when I walked through the door this afternoon from a quick trip out of town.

F - Frappuccino Holder with a Starbucks gift card...YUMMY! I absolutely love the cup/mug that she personalized with my name and have washed it to use tomorrow morning with my first Pepsi of the day!

A - Adorable personalized towels. Aren't they great? Perfect timing too, a bottle of wine fell off our fridge while I was gone and my husband wiped all the red wine up with my lighter colored dish towels. So these are perfect!!!

L - Luminary - I only got to see this gift before my little ones stole it and have fought over who gets it in their room! We decided to alternate Mr. Pumpkin each night! Success!

L - A little reminder to be thankful...These babies are what she is famous for!!!! Her beautiful banners! I am so excited to have the words thankful adorn my mantle! Thank you Inger!

Arrr...this picture won't post for some reason, but trust me it is amazingly great!

As if that wasn't enough, Inger, included a devotional for Mothers of Children with Unique Challenges which was a source of encouragement for her these last couple of years. Thank you so much Inger! I can't wait to dive in and begin using it!

And yes, there is one more...She got the kids Carmel lollipops and well this picture explains it all...

They were a hit!!! Inger, thank you for your thoughtful, creative, fun and beautiful swaps!


LauraB172 said...

Inger, you rocked the Fall swap! Your goodies were awesome. Wish I could get a peek at that banner. Congrats, Windsor, and what adorable kiddos you have!!

Donna said...

Seriously, Inger!! Great job!!!! So creative and so Inger:)

Windsor, I"m laughing at your "first pepsi of the day" comment:)

Denise said...

First Pepsi of the day--I have a VERY sweet friend who you remind me of--only her drink of choice is Barg's Root Beer!

Lovely gifts as always Inger. I need to get myself one of those cups with the straw things--they are all over the place!

Dolly said...

Wow Inger! Great job! Love all the personalization! Inger is so creative and looks like you'll put to use everything she gave you, Windsor!

HPS said...

Windsor, you crack me up. Spilled wine, 1st pepsi....thanks for the needed chuckle that made me spit out my water. I love ALL of your gifts. As always, Inger did it up RIGHT. That girl is gooood w/ her monogram machine, cricut and whatnots. We love Inger!