Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Swap: To Dawn from Toni

Okay girlies, the second Fall Swap gift has arrived. Below is the gift that Toni gave to Dawn. I am SO excited my bloggless sister got in on the fun this year. Dawn (aka. Top-dawg), it was good to have you sweetie!

And, it needs to be noted that Toni and Dawn went to school together, years ago, at good ole LCA!!! I think they cheered together too. Way to have a blog swap to rekindle old friendships!


Enjoy the newest scent from
Bath & Body Works, Twilight Woods!

A- Aroma
Let the aroma of mulling
spices fill your home this fall.


The softest slipper socks...ever!

L- Leaves

Perfect for the kitchen and perfect to
keep bacteria away. You will love
the spicy scent that "leaves"
your hands clean and soft.

Thanks Toni! I love it!


Denise said...

Clap clap clap! Toni, gewd (said like an old Virginian boy)job.

I love these gifts and I loved taking pictures of Dawn using them. It was so nice seeing her so excited!

You did well Toni!

Momofgirls said...

Toni...you really did great with representing Fall!! I LOVE that new scent too!

Now if the weather would just turn cold here....

Happy Four said...

Those new scents are awesome! Great recap, gifts and photographs.

Donna said...

Good gifts! Now I'm curious about what this new scent at B&BW smells like! Those socks look comfy, too:)

Nikki said...

ohhhh nice gifts, nice gifts! Dawn did such a nice job modeling everything. So happy Top Dawg got in on the action this time.

HPS said...

WOO HOOO, Hakuna!!! Way to get into it, girl. You're gonna be smelling FINE and looking great in those black fuzzies (perhaps being a leg model is your calling) :). Good job, TOni!!!!

timandmichelle (timandshelly) said...

Great gifts! I sent my package out and nearly hit the floor upon finding out that it was more than $10 to send. The snail has to sit in a lot of traffic between here and GA. I think I blew the budget on that one. Oops! I am excited to see what all gets swapped this year! BTW Denise, I opened my blog to all readers so you can link people over there if you are keeping track again. WHo's next?!?

timandmichelle (timandshelly) said...

BTW Who's was the first gift to arrive?

Glenda said...

I need to post my gift on here when it arrives, thanks. Love what Dawn got.

Denise said...

Shelly, Toni was the first one to receive her gift, from Donna.

Mrs. Parrish, I will send you an invite to be an author of this blog so you can post your gift on here just like you would on your own blog. If you cannot figure it out, I am sure HPS can help you.

Dolly said...

Go bulldogs!!!! That was for you Toni and Dawn. haha!

Love the gift Toni! You did great and I know Dawn loved all of it. It fit her perfectly! Now, where can I get me some of those luscious slippers?

Denise said...

Shelly--I forgot to tell you, my parents are PERSONALLY bringing your gift to you! It is on its way up to Indiana! Have a fun weekend at the wedding!

Toni R. said...

I'm so glad it all got there in tact! The guy at the post office just threw it in the bin! I was like- "hey-guy--that's fragile!"
And Dolly, if you want some of those lushy slipper slocks, I got them at JCPenney! They don't really have "fall" colors, so black was the closest to a fall color I could find. It was either that or white or red. They were just too soft NOT to get!

timandmichelle (timandshelly) said...

Yay! Aunt Jan and Uncle Dan are bringing me a prize!!! Would that make them pack mules for you?!? Hmmm...can't wait!!!

Has it turned hardcore fall for everyone yet? Fall came early in the Chicagoland area. Ugh! I'm pretty certain we skipped right over summer this year. Good thing there was no summer swap.

Glenda said...

I just posted my gift from Dawn on glendastudy.blogspot.com. It was not private after all. Thank you so much Dawn, it was a day brightner for sure. Love ya.

Angela Richardson said...

oooh la la! I love the slippers!

I'm curious what the leaves smell like. I'm gonna have to go check that out!

Good job Toni!

Jennifer said...

Love all the action shots of Dawn! Good job, Toni. Those socks look so comfy!