Monday, January 24, 2011

Drum Roll Please!!!!

Okay the names have drawn, nicely I might add! I am excited about this swap!

*Remember you buy a gift for the girl BELOW your name. The LAST name buys for the FIRST name.

*Addresses: I thought I had everyone's address on my computer, but alas I don't. If Toni, Angela, Catherine, Caroline, and Rose could email me your home address that would be great!
*Once I get all the addresses I will send you your girls home address and email.

*No money limit--but be reasonable!

*Please send it out ASAP !

So without further ado, I give you the names!

1. JesseRuth
2. Angela
3. Nikki
4. Catherine
5. Rose
6. Denise
7. Toni
8. Hannah
9. Inger
10. Donna
11. Glenda
12. Maddie
13. Caroline
14. Jennifer
15. Alex
16. Dolly


Nikki said...

Oh, I am so glad I got Catherine! I have been stalking her blog for the past couple of days. I saw her comment on the last post and I didnt think I knew her and wanted to "get to know her". :) I am actually making her Crock Pot Pizza recipie tonight for it it is too funny that I got her name!

And VERY excited that Angela has me! :) I like that I have people I dont know very well for both giving and recieving. That is what blog swap is all about. Meeting new people! WHOO HOO!

Denise said...

No kidding Nikki! I think this swap draw really turned out nice!!!

I too have been lurking Catherine's blog. :) I want to make that pizza crock pot thing too AND THE BREAD!!! I have my stuff all ready to make that and I think I'm gonna start it in a few minutes!

Let me know how the pizza turns out. I will get Catherine's address to you soon.

As far as Angela--don't you know her? I thought you did.

Donna said...

Yes! So glad I have Glenda!! I am going to personally drop hers off so I'll have more money to spend! I need to go look at this Catherine girl's blog.....

Thanks for doing this Denise! Should we do a Spring time swap?

CC said...

Ok, you blessed my socks off wanting to read my blog! I hope you enjoy the Crock Pot Pizza, that your bread turns out divine and that you have a delicious week! :) Thanks for including me in the fun. I am at 5629 Chalyce Lane, Charlotte NC 28270.


Momofgirls said...

WooHoo! I got the new Mommy! I can't wait to get busy with your goodies, Donna!

HPS said...

Donnie, Catherine is the chicken square girl (aka musing foodie). She is goooood people I tell ya. Little does she know how lucky she is that Nikki has her! Yay for having Inger but the pressure is ON b/c she is another gooood one!!!!! I think Tonis had me before and Donnies had my mom before...what are the chances?!?!? This is going to be sooooo fun!!!!!

HPS said...

Wait! Jenius! What about Jenius?!?! I thought she wanted to do it!

Denise said...

Ooooh, sorry Hannah. The funny thing is, Maddie and I had to redraw your name today because you originally had Caroline, but I knew you had her last time so we put Caroline back in the hat and drew again. I sincerely thought everyone had new peeps. Oh well...

And to the musing foodie--my bread turned out crump-diddly-ump! It is GONE I tell you, GONE!

CC said...

Whooooo hooooooo! I'm so glad Denise! We love it, my waist line doesn't. I have to pace myself as it's so addictingly delish.

HPS said...

oh no. no prob, Denny! Noooo prob. My mom loves that Donna has her and I love Toni, too! Ain't no big thang, shug! Don't you worry your pretty lil head!

Dolly said...

Whoohooo, where have I been? I'm so glad I have Jesse Ruth and also glad that Alex is in on the fun this time. Alex, just for the record I'm easy and I know I'll love whatever you give. It's just fun to receive something in the mail. Okay, JR, tomorrow I'm out to get your swap gift!

Glenda said...

Denise, thanks for Maddie' address. I was so excited to have her name. JesseRuth is excited to have Angela.
Love ya. Swap on
Donna can't wait.

Glenda said...

Received my gift. Blogging it right now. It is sweeeeeeet. Thank you Donna. You are the best. Love you.

Glenda said...

Ok frustrated my camera is not
downloading to my computer I will put in am. Woohoo.

Glenda said...

Ok I facebooked my gift from Donna. My blog was not cooperating. Sorry.

Dolly said...

Denise, is there a way to copy Glenda's pics off her fb account and put them on this blog? Donna really did good and it's sweet how she presented it. I loved looking at Glenda's pics too!

HPS said...

I can blog them for her. Do u want us blogging here like last time or on our own blogs?

Denise said...

Hey girls! I just remembered to check my gmail account and saw all these comments!!

HPS--you can post your gift pictures on this site or on you own blog. If you want to post here, just let me know and I'll give you access. No problem!

Denise said...

Maybe you should post here so that everyone can see it. I'll add you as an author to this blog.