Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All Aboard?!

The Christmas Blog Swap is now underway! Consider this the official invitation. After taking the poll, it looks like most people want to do a creative swap. This means that you can do anything you want pertaining to Christmas. Examples of this could include:

-an assortment of Christmas ornaments
-a nice Christmas decoration for the home
-Christmas tea towels with some type of Christmas goodie
-a Christmas CD
-The possibilities are ENDLESS--especially for you creative girls who make stuff:)

Please make sure your Christmas swap gift is $25 including shipping. The RSVP starts now!!Just leave your "YES" answer in the comments. If you want to opt out this swap, no problem! Just please don't leave a comment. Let's try to use the comment box only for positive RSVP's. The last day to reply will be next Tuesday, November 25th. On that night, I will draw the names and have them displayed on this blog by Wednesday morning. This will give you time during the Thanksgiving sales to buy your swap gift. I will also provide each player with their person's mailing information. If your blog is private, please make sure your person has access.

Please try to have your gift sent off by Tuesday, Decmeber 2nd so your person can get the most out of your gift this Christmas season! And please remember to display the gift you received on your blog as a thank you to your swap giver AND to show the rest of us what you received! And remember...presentation is everything!

This really is a fun activity when everyone plays right. If you know you can't commit to the rules/dates, please don't play. And, once again, if you are an unknown lurker, sorry....you need to be a known commenter or someone who another faithful commenter can vouch for:)

Let the fun begin!


sassy seamstress said...


Momofgirls said...


Denise said...

YES!! Goody goody gum drop! I'm in.

Good job posting this sweetie! And, I believe I have all the addresses for the Fall Swap peeps for you. I will forward them and the emails address to you.

Windsor said...

Oh Fun!!! I am not that creative, but I know a perfect store for the a creative gift! Count me in!!! YES!!!

Nancy said...

Count me in!!

HPS said...

affirmative. in there like swimwear. Glenda B is too. I sent an email to some peeps so hopefully we'll get even more swappers! I saw Karen Lim wants to do it from the last post so don't forget to add her too!

glenda said...

JesseRuth is going to wait to see how it works. But count me in. Love, Glenda

Jenius said...

I'm in, too. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Toni Rivera said...

Yes! What fun! Angela Richardson is in too. I don't think you have my address, though. Who do I email it to?
Thanks for organizing this :)

Jen said...

I want to be in it =)

Angela said...

Yes! Can't wait!

Ashleigh said...

Yes, I'm in!

The Jones' said...


Amy said...

YES! I'm IN.

Karen said...


:::Waving hands in the air from Atlanta::::

Thanks for remembering me, Hannah! :o)

Just let me know where to send my info, etc.

Zerbert Baby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zerbert Baby said...

Yes, sounds like fun! Thanks Hannah

Angelarichardson@mac.com said...

Yippeeee! I'm in!

Kristi said...

I want to play, I want to play!!!! I got my RSVP in by the skin of my teeth.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot to RSVP!!! Whewww!

Sign me up...can't wait to send someone my crocheted scarf I just finished this morning!

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