Sunday, February 1, 2009

Who Got What?

1. Noel
2. Maddie
3. Jennifer
4. Caroline
5. Toni
6. Amy
7. Jan
8. Merritt
9. Glenda
10. Angela D.
11. Julie
12. Windsor
13. Denise
14. Donna
15. Jane
16. JesseRuth
17. Dolly
18. Tonya
19. Angela R.
20. Hannah
21. Inger
22. Rose
23. Jessica
24. Ashleigh

1 comment:

Ashleigh said...

Everyone has gotten LOVEL y gifts and I have as well! BUT I am in San Diego through Sunday and don't have my camera cord to do my blog post. BIG THANKS to MADDIE! I Loved it much and a post will come as soon as possible once I am back in the QC. :O)
I was out sick on Monday so it was there waiting for me when I stopped by the office for a few minutes on Tuesday.

Also, I did get Jane's gift in the mail on Tuesday and when I got on the plane to Diego, saw that her card was in my purse!! So Jane, your gift may look like its from someone anonymous. Sorry about that!!

Being sick and then traveling the following day, I just wasn't all together Tuesday morning but at least the gift got mailed. :O)