Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let The Swapping Begin!

Okay girls! Sorry to keep you waiting so long. I've been out of town for a couple days. Just got home, got the kiddos bathed, fed, and now,

LeT tHe SwApPiNg BeGiN!

Below are the drawn names. I am happy to say we have a couple new swappers!

After you find your name, look at the name below it and that is the girl you are buying for. The last girl, buys for the first girl. Here it goes!

1.) Julie
2.) Denise
3.) Shelly
4.) Angela
5.) Jennifer
6.) Hannah
7.) Caroline
8.) Jeni
9.) Ashleigh
10.) Inger
11.) Nikki
12.) Donna
13.) Toni
14.) Dawn
15.) Glenda
16.) Jane
17.) Dolly

*If you have any questions just leave it in the comment section and it will be sent to me.
*PLEASE get your gift sent out by next Tuesday!
*Once you receive your gift, take pictures of it and then blog about it on your blog. IF you don't have a blog you can post on this blog, (I will give you access to this blog). OR send me your pictures and I can blog/post it for you.
*I will email everyone with your swappee's (funny word) address so you can send it out. I need to get a few address, so give me a day or two to get those and send them out.

Let the swapping begin! I already have my "A" and one of my "L's." I am SO EXCITED!



Denise said...

Woohooo! Thanks Shelly for getting in the swap just in the nick of time! I am so happy that I have your name!

Momofgirls said...

Oh Sheesh!!!! I have Nikki!! The pressure is on!!

I have most of my items already though!!

Nikki said...

Oh boy Inger has me. I am so excited! And I have Donna...whoo hoo!

Toni R. said...

Yay!!! Dawn!!! You lucky gal! I'm hookin' a girl up!!!! This is so fun :)

Donna said...

Denise, you forgot to add Rose! She decided she was in yesterday. Just put her at the bottom and Dolly can have her and she can have Julie.

Yes! Nikki has me!!!

dawn said...

yah! can't wait...this is my first! I am excited!

Dolly said...

Okay, so I have Rose and Rose has Julie? Yippee either way! Watch our Rose....fall goodies comin your way!
(yes, that was a little cheesy)

Denise said...

Sweetie, I talked to Rose. She said she will do it next time for sure.

It was an email thing. She sent her email a few minutes after I did the drawing. I told her I would add name to the bottom but she just said she would do it next time.

No doubt about it, we're gonna miss Rose!

Dolly said...

okay, I didn't realize Jane had my name! YIPPEEE!

Toni R. said...

Wow! Donna was definitely ready for this one! I already got mine in the mail today! I did a post about it! Thank you, Donna! Seriously you guys, she did an AWESOME job!