Wednesday, February 2, 2011

VaVaValentine Treats from Toni!

I just got home from preschool pick up and stumbled upon this as I came up the walkway.
I knew immediately it was my much anticipated blessing from my blog swap sister, Toni! My sweet three year old said, "Look, Mommy! A package! Don't worry. I'll help you open it." So, in we went, promptly put the twins down for a nap and got to bidness.

Let me just say, I knew I was in for it when I cut the box open and a romantic fragrance immediately teased my sense of smell. I then looked down and saw rose petals everywhere. Hubba Hubba! Nice touch, Toni. Perhaps they need to be recycled?  
 Toni wrote a sweet note which was followed by all sorts of yummy, decadent treats. I couldn't blink before a certain munchkin had already found and gotten into a cute heart box full of candy. :)

Candy was just the beginning. There was also I <3 U peeps, Piroulines (LOVE these dipped in coffee) & Kettle Corn to please the palate. :) Oh, and she even included some adorable Valentine plates and napkins which we will so enjoy using!

and these cute heart reusable ice cube to keep the bevs cold. I've always wanted to try these b/c I LOVE ice but it's horrible on my teeth so my dentist thanks you, Toni!

Here's where that scent I mentioned is unveiled! How did Toni know I needed a new Wallflower?! Looks like my Valentine and I are gonna be enjoying some tropical spice. We like the tropics and we like spice so verrrrry fitting. AND a pink (my fav color) Sangria candle. LOVE this scent.

Now, heeeeere is where something's telling me that the romantic in Toni is dying to just bust out...A LOVE BELL! Yes, you read right. A LOVE BELL. It says, "ring once for a hug ring twice for a kiss!" Toni, I just wanna know what happens when you ring it three times? Are you remembering I just had twins, Shug? DON'T WORRY, MOM! Just remember M has a kidney stone. All jokes aside, where did you ever find something like this? I think Ang needs one ASAP!
OK. Let me get myself together. Last but not least...a cuuuute handmade banner that says, "BE MINE". How sweet!
It was hard to fit it all in a picture but here's the whole shabang...
THANK YOU so much, Toni! You put a lot of thought into that and I love it all. I hope YOU have a Happy Valentine's!!!! This was one FUN swap!!!


Toni R. said...

~Bow chick-a-bow-bow~ A Love Bell and some rose petals!
I'm so glad you liked everything! I was a little worried that the glass wallflower thing would break, so a sigh of relief over here!
I hope you take advantage of the love bell!! You deserve it!

Happy Four said...

What great gifts. Everything is perfect!

Glenda said...

This is MOM and I am laughing. Everything is so you, Hannah. I can attest to the fact that Hannah has been wanting a wall flower. So glad you now have one. Great job Toni. This WAS a fun swap.

HPS said...

Max said as long as I keep it a love bell and don't turn it into a service bell. :)

Denise said...

Wonka wow! Swanky Vday gifts! Hopefully that kidney stone will pass just in time for the big day! Just give him lots of cranberry juice!

Toni! You Rivera girls can crank out some fun creative gifts!

Love the love bell--HPS I have some "dice" I can Priority Mail you to go with the bell...Just a thought!

Denise said...

It's me again--love your front door! That red really makes it extra Valentiny! And, AP is getting so big. Cutie! I am sure she is such a helper for you!

Donna said...

Okay, laughing at the music, the bell, your comments about ringing 3 times and then the pic of you winking! Only you, Hannie, only you:) I'm shaking!

GREAT job Toni! Very yummy and cute gifts! The love bell is perfect for V-day! And Hannah, the twins are going to be one on V-day...why don't you celebrate?!

Dolly said...

Wow! You're right Denise...those Rivera girls DO know how to put together some great packages. I got mine today too and LOVED EVERYTHING in it! (see my blog)
I'm laughing too at all your comments and your winking picture. You're so funny HPS and you and Toni would make great friends. I hope the two of you get a chance to meet sometime. I have a feeling you'd be two peas in a pod. Great job Toni!

HPS said...

Denise! Thank you about the door and AP. Love her! Now you-girrrrrl, I'm curious how you acquired said dice??!! I once "knew someone" that decided such dice might be a fun surprise upon spotting them at say a Wings or Sharks or Pacific in Myrtle Beach. Call me crazy but I might be a teeeensy bit hesitant to receive a retired pair of dice from a mother of 5 BUT another part of me says bring it. Perhaps you should dust those babies off and celebrate V Day yourself, shug! I say go for the big whammy-TLS#2/VS. :) Now, THAT's worth bow chick a bow bowing.

Momofgirls said...

Cute Loot! You can never go wrong with chocolate! Yum!
LOVE your banner!

(and your front door~adorable!)

CC said...

Wowza! Great gifts! Laughing at the bell and the Sangria candles do smell wonderful!

Kristi Smalley said...

Great gifts!!!! How fun!! I loved how you describe things.

Fady said...

where did u get the bell plz tell me i love it it is a wonderful gift