Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And the names are...

Okay girls, I'm so excited about this swap! We have FOUR new swappers! Welcome to Karin, Noelle, Amy, and Laura! We are officially swapping gifts all across America, representing California, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and good 'ole Virginny! Cool!
Below are the list of names. Remember you give to the friend BELOW your name. The LAST friend gives to the FIRST friend. I will send you your friend's email and home address ASAP!

Start shopping NOW so you can get your gift out! If you need ideas, click on last year's Fall Swap gifts on the right side of this blog.

And the names are:

If you cannot read the above picture :

1. Amy
2. Denise
3. Hannah
4. Dolly
5. Karin
6. Angela
7. Inger
8. Windsor
9. Jan
10. Caroline
11. Toni
12. Donna
13. Laura
14. Jeni
15. Catherine
16. Noelle

Also, if Karin, Jeni, Windsor,and Catherine could please email me their home address that would be great!

Extra info: I am in the process of adding each of your names/emails to this blog as authors so you can post on here. You just need to accept the invitation to become an author, when it comes in your email. If you have any trouble please let me know. Also, IF you have a public blog (not for private viewing only), of course you can post on there, just let me know you posted it so I can link it to this blog so we can all view it.

Okay girls enough said! Email me if you have any

Happy Gift Giving and Happy FALL!!!


Denise said...

Yipppeee! Okay HPS--I know you but have a few questions for you. Do you like to read?
Drink Coffee?
Favorite Candy?
Favorite Fast Food?
Favorite Magazine?

Donna said...

Yes! Let the games begin! I will go out tomorrow to go get my stuff. Can't wait!!!

Denise said...

Hey HPS--Dolly and I will be in the Queen City next Friday for little Queenie's birthday. Maybe we can do a little swapperroo there? Eh?

Denise said...

Oops, I mean SATURDAY!

Dolly said...

whoohooooo! I have Karin!!!! So excited to do something for her.

Toni R. said...

Yay! YAY! YAY!!! I'm so excited!

Donna said...

Just call me in on the spot. Gift sent out to Texas two hours ago. Look out, Laura!

Donna said...

Oh, and can you do a little post on the new girls. You know, who they are, how we know them, etc?