Thursday, November 3, 2011

To Amy, from Noelle

Well, I am finally home from Texas and I've been so excited to open up my box from Noelle. I've been gone for three long weeks and my husband called me the first week that I was gone to let me know that my gift had arrived. He really wanted to open it for me, but I threatened his life I kindly asked him to let me open it when I got home. I apologize for the long wait, Noelle!

I loved the fall colors that popped out when I opened the box!

See the cute packaging.. ADORABLE!

F is for Food, Yummy Food.. Popcorn, it's my favorite food group!

A is for Accessory.. What a gorgeous scarf! What a gorgeous color! Plus, scarves are a necessity out here on the great frontier.

L is for Lollipops and Caramels - My three men have almost demolished this box of caramels. I hid the lollipops.. don't judge! 

L is for making a Latte - Coffee my other favorite food group! Creme Caramel, such a yummy flavor.

Thank you, Noelle for your sweet generosity and thoughtfulness. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into choosing my gifts. It was so much fun being a part of the swap this Fall and being able to connect with new and old friends from all over the country. 


Dolly said...

Glad you're back from your trip. You've been gone a long time huh? LOVE the gifts Noelle got you. Especially that scarf! That popcorn looks yummy too! Great job Noelle!

Denise said...

Hey, SO happy you made it home safely! I hope your time with your mother was special.

Okay!!! LOVE caramel! You totally got hooked up in this catagory!

Great Job Noelle! Great packaging too! Love all the Fall colors.

Amy said...

Thanks Dolly and Denise.. it's good to be home, but I do wish that we lived so much closer to my parents. The distance is tough sometimes.. and it adds to the time away to make it worth being gone.

I loved my gifts. Although, I didn't really get to enjoy the popcorn and caramels.. Dan and the boys have devoured them. Oh well.. guess I didn't need them anyway!